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Coach Michelle

… founder of Become a MacroUnicorn (BAMU) a 4 week Hormone Balance & Weight Loss program for women over 40 struggling with perimenopause and menopause symptoms and weight gain.

BAMU helps you lose weight naturally by balancing hormones. So you can bust cravings, block binge eating, break plateaus and get on track and stay there.

There is a problem with the traditional way of losing weight…

I ran into this issue all 3 times I lost 100+ lbs. But the last time I figured out how to “fix” it, and I have spent the last 5 years helping other women “fix” it too.

It is why the very first diet they put me on at 9 didn’t work too!

Weight loss is about more than “eat less and move more”. After you hit perimenopause and menopause, this philosophy gives you even less of the desired results.

Eight years ago at 42, when I started my final weight loss journey, I HAD to figure this out to reach my goal.

It’s not like you aren’t aware of healthy choices, but making those choices 90% of the time is getting you nowhere.

The scale doesn’t move, or worse it goes up.

What I found is after 40 our hormones go nuts, and what once worked doesn’t work anymore.

There is simple way to start the process of balancing your hormones. The goal? The scale actually moves in the right direction a whole lot easier.

It’s time to start balancing your hormones, so you can easily lose the weight you want and become that happy, healthy, active, energetic, woman, wife, mom and grandma you want to be

Sending you Love & Hugs,
~Coach Michelle

Meet The Team

Who we are

Coach Michelle, Dr. Terry (hubby) and Bee Keep things running smoothly at ONEderland Wellness.  Where your health is our highest priority.


Coach Michelle

Coach & Founder

A certified nutrition coach that was put on her first diet at 9, lost 100+ pounds 3 times, and figured out maintenance at 42, and has been maintaining for 8 years.

Dr. Terry

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Terry is a board certified chiropractor, that once told Coach Michelle Chiropractors were quacks.  Until he got hurt at work and learned the wonders of chiropractic for himself.


Girl Friday

Bee is Dr. Terry and Coach Michelle’s amazing daughter.  She does everything from put patient folders together, to schedule mom’s blog posts and podcast. She also contrived many of the healthy recipes!

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